Step By Step Guide To Write French Essay

French is itself a very difficult language and when students who don’t know how to speak French are assigned to write French essay, they get so nervous. So, in order to write a good French essay one has to show the hard work and determination especially if he doesn’t know how to speak French. For those students who are going through the same French essay scenario, we have decided to provide a brief guideline on how to write French essay especially if you don’t know how to speak French.

Go on reading the following informational text that will be providing a basic roadmap to write French essay. For this purpose, let us assume that you are writing a French essay on égalité, Liberté, fraternité that is: Equality, Liberty and Fraternity.

First Step: Thesis statement

The first step in essay writing is called as writing a thesis statement, make sure the thesis statement is half-explored that intrigues a reader to keep on reading the rest of the French essays. For example:

“La devise nationale pour la population française est basée sur trois piliers qui est, «Égalité, Liberté, Fraternité” qui est essentiellement dérivée de la révolution française”


“The national motto for French people is based on three pillars that is,” Equality, Liberty and Fraternity” which is basically derived from French revolution”.

Second Step: Writing an argument

The first argument should be so powerful that convinces the reader of the worthiness of the thesis statement of your essays in French, so make it show association with the thesis statement, one example could be:

“La tripartite a été la première personne qui a créé l’histoire de la France a révolutionné”


“The tripartite was the first person who created history of the revolutionized France”

Third step: Writing the body paragraph

Body paragraphs further justify the thesis statement for essay on French; there is not hard and fast rule on how long the body of the French essay should be. The only thing you have to make sure here is that the entire body paragraphs should be logically coherent with each other and which gives proof to support what you have claimed in the thesis statement. An example could be:

“Ce n’est que l’esprit et le courage des Français qui les a aidés à marcher sur le chemin de la liberté. Pour eux, la liberté est un trésor qui pourrait les sauver des mains de leur ennemi et c’est la seule raison pourquoi ils n’ont pas de soins à épargner leur vie que leur vie ont été consacrées à sauver le plus grand bien. Par conséquent, ils ont transformé leur faiblesse en force et a sauvé la vie précieuse”.


“It was only the spirit and courage of French’s that helped them walked on the path of liberty. For them the liberty was a treasure which could save them from the hands of their enemy and this is the sole reason why they didn’t care to spare their lives as their life were dedicated to save the greater good. Therefore, they converted their weakness into strength and saved the precious life.

Third Step: Writing a conclusion

Conclusion is the last thing of an essay, so make sure you are not neglecting the importance for it, an example for the conclusion for essay in French could be:

“Lorsque tout est fini, la fin de la journée”


When all is finished, the end of the day…..

Therefore, you can still do good French essay writing if you don’t know how to speak French, just follow the above told guideline and see the difference