How to Write Dare Essay?

Drug abuse resistance education (DARE) involve all the efforts that could keep the youngsters away from drugs. This is an education program which creates awareness about drug and its repercussions so most of the time teachers want the students to also know the hazardous implications of drug addiction and this is the reason they are frequently assigned DARE essays.

Some students even come up with a good DARE essay but still they are not able to win good grades for them, the most probable reason for such low grades are the small mistakes that they commit while writing their DARE essay, this is the reason, we have decided to provide those students some tips for writing DARE essay.

Guideline for writing Dare essays

Ask yourself, what is the core message that you want to convey to your readers?

Theme is the backbone of an essay, you will be required to decide a theme for DARE essay before you go for the topic, for example,” How drug is destroying our youth?” or “Drugs hazardous implications”. The theme is anything that makes a base of your essay which will be further elaborated in the coming DARE essay.

Conduct a brief research to gather DARE material:

DARE material include everything that relates to the topic of drugs, for this you can consult internet, handouts, journals, fact sheet etc. and when you are done with the collection of material, highlight the important facts that you will be incorporating in the DARE essay.

Incorporate the relevant examples from daily life:

Examples always improve the level of credibility in an essay so don’t forget to use them in your DARE essay, for example: a boy in your neighborhood got drug addicted and he went rehabilitation center for the treatment……or you can make any story as well. If you are using any case study then don’t forget to mention the source.

Craft an outline before writing DARE essay:

Making an outline will only save your time while writing DARE essay, there are different ways of creating outline, all you have to do is search for it and find a suitable and simple outline for DARE essay.

It’s time to get started:

You have everything in your hands; it’s time to start DARE essay writing. Decide an interesting and compelling title. The first few lines will be introducing the topic that will be called as the introduction, while the body paragraphs would be discussing the theme in detail while the conclusion would be providing a short summary of the essay.

Therefore, it is important that you also take care of the minor things like, creating an outline, proper format, incorporating examples, collecting material from different sources etc. so that you can get your grade back from your teachers. It is advisable that your give your DARE essay undivided attention because it is kind of personal which demands feelings and emotion, also if you will follow the above told DARE (Drug abuse resistance education) essay writing tips then your good grades are guaranteed


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