How To Develop Compare And Contrast Channel Essay In No Time

Media is on the top and every single student today want to opt for media studies but very few people have the required talent. Therefore, there are thousands of media channels working these days in a fiercely competitive market with an aim to be on the top via transmission.  Studying media requires a student to develop their analytical and evaluation skill, this is why most of the teachers want to make sure they have helped the students in building their analytical capabilities and this is the reason why they are frequently assigned for writing channel essay, so if you have also been assigned to write channel essay provided that it should be compare and contrast one then the following article is definitely for you.

Here, is the basic structure for writing compare and contrast channel essay so that you can come up with a good piece of writing.

Basic structure for writing compare and contrast channel essay

First Step for writing channel essay:

How to write the Introduction:

Here, you will be introducing the topic of your compare and contrast channel essay, there are varied ways of beginning the introduction, like; you can either begin it with a rhetoric question or with a simple quote or a short amusing story in order to grab the attention of the reader or you can also begin your essay with a simple quote, like;

How can you put on a meaningful drama when, every fifteen minutes, proceedings are interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits with toilet paper?  ~Rod Serling, quoted in Submitted for Your Approval, Public Broadcasting Station, 1995

I wish there was a knob on the TV so you could turn up the intelligence.  They got one marked “brightness” but it doesn’t work, does it?  ~Leo Anthony Gallagher

All television is educational television.  The question is:  what is it teaching?  ~Nicholas Johnson

Second step for writing channel essay:

What to include in the first paragraph:

This would be a paragraph where a critical comparison would take place; there should be at least three types of comparison in the first paragraph of your channel essay so that you can easily convince the reader.

What to include in the second paragraph:

This is a contrast paragraph where you will be comparing the differences between the two subject matters, here again it is advisable to contrast at least three aspects of the channel essays.

Third step for writing channel essay:

How to write the Conclusion:

It should be perfect wrap up of your channel essay connecting back to the thesis statement plus a short summary of the whole channel essay.  Make sure, you are not redefining everything again but make a concise summary of all the major points that you have discussed in the essay. Remember not to use trite words like, “in summary”,” this essay is proving my thesis…” as these are common phrases which can make your conclusion less attractive.

It is better to go for a simple format like the above told one rather than going for something that enhance the intricacies of your channel essays. You will find thousands of formats for writing compare and contrast channel essay over the internet, but they would make you more confused, so it is better that you go for a simple and easy one which will make reading and writing your channel essay easy.

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