Gay Marriage Essay Writing Tips

Although, the norms has been changed but still gay marriages are considered bad, so when it comes to write gay marriage essay, students feel a little uncomfortable, therefore, they can’t even decide what to write for gay marriage essays. Whether they have decided to write pro marriage essay or anti gay marriage essay, they dont know how to cope up with the issue.

So we have decided to provide you some tips for writing both types of essays, first we will discuss pro gay marriage essay.

Effective tips for writing pro gay marriage essay:

The first and the foremost thing in your pro gay marriage essay would be the essay topic, so make sure it is compelling and understanding. For example;
“Love is blind”.

The next important thing in pro gay marriage essay would be the thesis statement which should be sturdy enough to convince the readers that gay marriages should be legalized. For example: “homosexuals should be granted their rights to maintain justice in a society”.

Topic sentence and arguments comes next that must be well-defined, well-written and easily connecting to the topic and the thesis statement of the pro gay marriage essay. One of the argument may be; “ Many of the governments of different countries of the world has passed law in favor of gay or lesbian rights, so citizens should also accept them as a part of the society”.

Lastly, the conclusion of your pro gay marriage essay should play a role of convincing the readers that gays or lesbians should be given equal rights in the society and that the relationships should be a given a legalized face.

Effective tips for writing against gay marriage essay:

If you are writing about anti-gay marriages then you should have to make your essay topic very powerful because it’s a very common one. For example: why we should be against the legalization of gay marriages?

The next important thing here is the thesis statement, keep in mind when it come to write a thesis statement for a common topic like anti- gay marriages then make sure it contains appropriate vocabulary and all the elements effectively describing the whole idea of the anti gay marriage essay. For example: “Gay marriages are like a contagious infection for a society, perhaps like drugs addiction, therefore, it should never be legalized”.

The topic sentence would be directly talking about why you find gay marriages a contagious infection for a society and the arguments would further stress on the fact, so make sure it is understandable for a reader.

Conclusion would be giving a clear cut summary of why gay marriages should never be legalized while restating the thesis statement for anti-gay marriages.

Hence, if you will follow the tips for writing pro and anti-gay marriages essay you will feel how much you have improved in your gay marriages essay writing. In the end, be clear while expressing the idea and try to think from different perspective to develop new arguments either in the support of or against gay marriages essay


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