Brief Guideline For Revising And Editing Experience Essays

Are you done with your experience essay writing? Now, you want to edit and revise it but you can find any mistakes. Not to worry, just do one thing, leave your experience essay for some hours and get back to it later then you will find the mistakes. If you are still not able to edit and revise your essays then we are here to help you, just follow the instructions given below.

Read your experience essays again and again:

Read it again and again, then you will know what are the problems just highlight the sentences which doesn’t have proper structure and seems to be illogical.

Is your essay clear?

It will be of no use if you are not clear about your views in experience essays, you need to make sure that your essay revolves around the main concept of the experience essay and the main concept is the thesis statement, so make sure that your entire experience essay revolves around the thesis statement.

Check the hook of your essay:

A hook is where you can hook the readers, so make sure it is strong enough to grab the reader’s attention, there are many types of hooks from seasonal to regular.

Check the tome of your essay:

The tone is everything that pushes the hot button of the reader, go through the essay and see how the tone is set in your experience essay, if the tone is inviting the readers in then don’t change it but if they are not according to the theme of the essay, then you can change it.

Check the anecdote:

Usually, student make or use their own stories in writing experience essay, so you just have to check if it’s clear enough to be understood by the readers. Is the story conveying the idea that you wanted to express through your essay, go through it again and again and take out the flaws out of the stories as much as you can.

Check if there is any irrelevant information:

Teachers are very clever these days; you can’t impress them by writing lengthy experience essays. Read your essay and see if there is something in the essay which shouldn’t be there or which sounds irrelevant to the main subject of the essay.

Final words of advice:

The conclusion of your experience essay should be using the words that are universal, make sure you are careful with the words because the wrong choice of words can shift the mood of the essay.

You must also try to use your own story that is a real one; here you won’t find any difficulty to set up a tone.

Usually, the students are not able to write a good hook for experience essays, so if they are facing any problem, they can exclude it from the essay.

Therefore, if you will follow the above told life experience essay writing guidelines then you will surely end up with good grades in your essay exams. Final words of advice are, be creative and original while writing personal experience essay


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